Tennis Hot Shots Match Play

What is Tennis Hot Shots Match Play?

Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is a program designed to give children aged 7-11 years old, who are already playing tennis, the opportunity to transition from learning the game to playing matches in a fun team environment. It is intended to give children a great experience that will enable them to fall in love with the sport, and retain them as lifelong participants.


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Match Play Stages:

Court Size: 11m x 5.5m Singles and Doubles
Ball: 25% Compression
Age: 6-8 Years Old

Court Size:
18.29m x 6.4m Singles
18.29m x 8.22m Doubles
Ball: 50% Compression
Age: 7-10 Years Old

Court Size: Traditional Full Size Court
Ball: 75% Compression
Age: 9-11 Years Old

Hot Shots Match Play Court Diagram

Key Features of Tennis Hot Shots Match Play:

  • Delivered by national registered Clubs, Coaches or Associations
  • Time friendly format with defined start and finish times (60 – 75 minutes)
  • Shortened match formats so kids can play more matches
  • Modified courts and equipment to suit your child’s age and skill level
  • Parental engagement on and off the courts
  • Opportunity to play singles and doubles
  • Modified season lengths