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We have our main sports centre at Patapinda Rd, Old Noarlunga SA 5168, where you can enjoy, play and practice tennis.


At our tennis club in Noarlunga, we allow everybody, both young and old, with their individual abilities to play. Our tennis programs include the Tennis Hot Shots program, Junior and Senior coaching plus social tennis, and they are specially designed to accommodate all and sundry.


At Noarlunga Tennis Club we are all about family; a club situated in the beautiful Australian suburb of Old Noarlunga, near the Noarlunga Football Oval, on Patapinda Road.


In 1973, Noarlunga Tennis Club was created. This was when the club comprised of only 2 separate tennis courts with a small corrugated iron shelter. Afterwards, 2 additional courts were built. Funded by the existing members in 1981, a single-story club room, made of brick, was built to replace the old one, along with 2 more tennis courts. In 1994, another story was added to allow for members to view the court on a raised spot.





We provide you with fully comfortable club rooms and excellent kitchen facilities that can be found both downstairs and upstairs with tables to accommodate about 50 people. We also have a balcony facing all our courts, where members can relax and watch games. Also, to motivate members to play and practice, we have a room for BBQ setup (if required) and an outdoor pergola where there are available seats for relaxation.



We offer group lessons, either private or semi-private lessons. Our training system is designed to strengthen the link between your mind and body, build your tennis skills and help you become a professional tennis player. We have a team of professional tennis coaches that you’ll definitely enjoy your workout and training sessions. There’s also the opportunity to meet new tennis players who are locals of the South Australian suburb. Our principal aim is to conduct regular classes that are always LIVELY, EXCITING, and INNOVATIVE.



Tennis Hot Shots is an intensive program developed especially for children of any age and ability in order to help them start their tennis journey. We use our smaller courts for the Tennis Hot Shots and also provide special equipment, like low compression balls that don’t bounce too high, lighter rackets for children, and mini nets to ensure that the children are able to learn and also enjoy their training sessions. Our highly experienced coaches are always ready to help motivate and encourage players and are also extremely determined to cater to all their needs.



Our Match Play program is designed to allow kids to have fun and socially get into the tennis team of their choice, played at the levels of Red Ball, Orange Ball, and Green Ball. With this program, kids who enrol will be taught the basics of tennis playing, like serve, rally and scoring.
Match Play is for both girls and boys, having two or more players for each team. Our Match Play seasons run for eight weeks and are also in line with the school calendar.

If your kid has previously undergone a minimum of two Tennis Hot Shots Coaching terms, then, Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is an opportunity for them to have fun, compete and practice.



Our DTL Tennis program offers a number of school holiday clinics during the year. At each program, your kids stand to enjoy games including drills, movement, and stroke production. For kids who want to try tennis for the first time, School Holiday Tennis Clinics is a great option. We adopt an exciting, entertaining and non-competitive method to allow kids to learn the essential skills of the game of tennis.



Cardio Tennis
Tennis Hot Shots
School Holiday Tennis Clinics
Junior Tennis

You can contact us directly for more information on tennis coaching programs and services in Old Noarlunga, South Australia suburbs.

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